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Zakirullah.net is currently under construction. Do check back later.
Zakirullah.net is a site dedicated to understanding and knowing Islam, not just as a religion but also as a way of life.
Although we try to be as accurate as possible, perfection can never be achieve as we are only human. As such, if there are articles which are “not perfect”, do forgive us and correct us as we are always learning too.
We are always looking for good articles and stories, be it based on real life experience or not. Do ensure that articles sent to us are not copyright materials by someone else. Also do note that articles sent and published by us will be owned by Zakirullah.net.
We are also on the lookout for other similar sites and link exchange with this sites is much welcome. Do note that we will not accept sites with undesirable content or advertisement, be it at the time of request or later.
We hope you will enjoy this site and gain a better knowledge and understanding about our content.
Thank You.

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